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Pilates is a safe form of exercise teaching the muscles and the joints to perform in their correct range. The movements are slow and controlled and the entire body is addressed.

Clinical Pilates is different from standard pilates in that it is one-to-one and is focussed only on the individual's specific injuries and unique physical needs, instead of completing a set graded programme with others in the class.

Using tension and spring gauged equipment, Clinical Pilates is the thinking person's exercise and is suitable for most pre- and post-joint operations and conditions.

Arcus at Sarah Tal Clinical Pilates
experienced pilates teacher

Sarah Tal is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner. She is a founder member of the Pilates Foundation UK, and an active member of the Pilates Professionals Group for advanced teachers.

In 1998 she opened The Pilates Studio in Great Portland Street, London W1. After 22 years, she closed it due to the pandemic, and in lockdown she immediately went live online with one-to-one classes. 

Adding a bright and tranquil purpose built and fully equipped studio to her home which overlooks a leafy garden, she now works with her clients from her studio and also live on Zoom.

All classes are held on a one-to-one basis and are tailor-made to each client's exact requirements.

Sarah has extensive experience with those who have joint and repetitive strain injuries and specialises in assisting those who may be neurodivergent - who find it difficult to exercise, struggle to follow and understand instructions or can appear clumsy with poor coordination. 

Working repeatedly with small and precise joint movements, using specialised equipment and mirrors, you will find that these exercises enhance functional movement improving your ability to achieve everyday tasks.

fully equipped studio
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